About Us

Organic Fields of Heather was started in 2014 with the goal to develop organic and natural cosmetic, beauty, and deodorants products.  All of our products have been formulated with great care to eliminate all of the dyes, chemicals and harmful additives to the basic products you and your family use everyday, like lotions and deodorants.

Our formulations focus on the most important aspects that matter to health conscience consumers:

  • Natural and Organic Products that WORK!

  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients

  • A Wide Variety of Scents for both Women and Men

  • Products that offer Feminine and Masculine options

  • 100% Organic Products that Offer Consumers Reasonably Priced Options

  • Quality Products made in the USA

  • An Expanding Line of Products that offer Health Conscience Comfort

  • Products for Every Member of the Family

We handcraft all of the products we sell and our ingredients are organic and all natural in order to limit allergic reactions, irritations, and toxic exposure.

We put your health first so that you can enjoy a cleaner lifestyle.  Our products remove some of the toxic stress on your body and allow you to focus more energy on the important aspects of your life.

We believe that you should not put anything on your body that does not better your health.  Any product that is applied to your skin is ultimately absorbed and should be for your benefit and should not contain questionable toxic chemicals.